Meet Master Jim Saemann

My name is Master Jim Saemann. I am the Director of Family Martial Arts Center in Downingtown. Since 1991, we have touched the lives of over 3000 young people in Chester County. You probably have friends and neighbors who train with us now or have trained here in the past. We specialize in bringing out the best in children. Many of our kids have even gone on to become champions at the state and national level.


Anyone Can Join

Regardless of their existing athletic ability, any child can benefit from training with us. If you are interested in helping your child develop self confidence, self discipline, self defense, maturity, leadership skills, mental focus, and physical fitness then I ask you to please take the time to browse through our website and learn about our program. The information inside will surprise you!

Adventure Camps!

We are very excited to announce our 2nd Annual August Adventure Camp at AFMAC! This camp is open to all AFMAC students, ages 6 and up AND their friends! Find out more!


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Family Martial Arts Center has made my daughter, Lauren, a very thoughtful, disciplined young lady. Her self esteem has skyrocketed and her body along with her mind has become very healthy. She now has wonderful concentration and we have seen a noticeable improvement in her school work and attitude. We highly recommend Family Martial Arts Center.


I am writing on behalf of my two children who recently became students to let you know the changes we have seen in these last 4 months. Samuel and Hannah "love" the training and it shows. I can see the changes in their attitude and abilities as they test to another level. Hannah and Sam enter your school with excitement & pride. When class is done I see children leaving with smiling faces. I love the discipline and love that all the instructors put into the classes. I believe there are so many lost family values in this world. We bring our children to this school because they are learning and becoming strong both physically and mentally with positive energy. I am amazed how Jim can have so many children focused and quiet as they train. Thank you Jim for all your dedication and love.

Kevin and Jackie

I wanted to be the first in line to say what a fabulous program you have for children that are interested in karate. The program teaches self confidence and self discipline, as well as mutual respect for others. Five years ago I sent a shy little boy to your program, and I now have a confident, respectful young man with a black belt! Karate at Family Martial Arts Center has taught Devin to set goals, work endlessly toward those goals, and that nothing is impossible with hard work.


Thank you so much for all of the effort that you and your program have put forth on behalf of our son, Joey. We are so proud of him for receiving his white belt and receiving a perfect score, no less. We realize this is only the bottom step in the "belt ladder" but for Joey this was a major accomplishment. Here's why... You may have noticed that Joey prefers to walk on his toes. For the past 5 years, through Dupont Children's Hosp., Joey has been wearing casts, leg braces and receiving physical therapy to correct a growth problem in both of his legs. Because of Joey's toe walking, his calf muscles get so tight that he experiences leg pain when the bones try to grow. This also creates problems with his balance. When Joey tried other sporting activities, his balance problems give off the perception that he is klutzy or clumsy. Baseball, soccer and basketball coaches didn't encourage Joey to participate (he spent a lot of time on the bench.) We are so pleased that Joey has finally found an athletic venue that he can actually do and enjoys participating in. Thank you so much for your positive encouragement to Joey. We truly appreciate it.

Judi & Keith
Family Martial Arts Center - 137 Wallace Ave., Downingtown, PA 610-324-0805