Accelerated Training Camps

This summer we will hold our fifteenth annual AFMAC “Accelerated Training” Camp. This one-week, three-hour a day camp will help your child review everything they’ve learned in our program so far, as well as
techniques for their next test and above. During the week, we will test each student and promote them to their next rank (provided the student can perform the material on the test). Students ready for the next rank before the beginning of camp may be promoted two ranks if they can perform the techniques. 

Camp classes will run Monday through Friday from 9 to 12 and from 1 to 4. Please choose the appropriate class for your child’s rank on the attached registration form.

Higher ranks will have one or more extra sessions because they have more material to review. This will ensure we cover all the material needed by the end of camp.

Our Advanced Training Camp will help a broad spectrum of AFMAC students:

  • Students with average to above-average ability will strengthen their skills with an eye toward long-term improvement and perhaps even competition in the future.
  • Students with developmental challenges (ADHD, minor physical disabilities, learning deficits, etc.) can work on their basic skills and hopefully raise their level of understanding and self confidence.
  • Gifted students (such as those that compete) will be challenged to raise their skill level. They can accelerate their progress toward Black Belt and beyond in a constructive manner. Since we will cover advanced material, they may even advance another rank or two more than they normally would by summer’s end.

Each camp will consist of one or two days’ worth of review. Of course, the higher ranking students will have more material to review. The next three or four days will consist of teaching the material for  advancement in rank to higher levels. For example, Blue Belts can expect to review all the test material up to Blue Belt, and then to learn techniques for Blue Stripe, Brown, Brown Stripe, and Purple Belt.
Tuition for each camp is $349. This includes one test fee. There is a 10% ($35) discount for early registration for students who register by Saturday, February 17. Family discounts are explained on the registration
form. There is a course description included with this letter. I have also included a registration form. Please fill out the registration form and turn it in by the dates indicated on the form. If you have any questions,
please see me in the office. Thank you.

Click here to download our Information Packet and Registration form.


  1. Review makes your training foundation stronger. We review every technique the kids have learned in the past with the intention of making them even better. Basic stances, blocks, kicks, punches, combinations, and forms are all reviewed. This makes learning the new techniques much easier and more productive.
  2. It's an excellent value. Your child will receive fifteen solid hours of technique training - more technique training than he/she receives in several months of regular training. Camp tuition includes one belt test fee.
  3. Students who attend camp improve dramatically. The detailed review of past techniques and look ahead to more advanced material makes a much better student out of everyone who attends. Many of our students come out of camp highly energized and motivated to become the best students in the school.
  4. It's fun! After three hours of intense training you'd think the kids couldn't wait to get home. But actually it's the other way around - they don't want to leave! They really enjoy the hard work, the in-depth knowledge, and the camaraderie with the other students.
  5. Protecting your investment. You've invested a significant amount of time, effort, and money so your child can learn martial arts. Accelerated Training Camp is one of the very best ways to ensure that he/she gets the most out of their training.
  6. Promotion in Rank. Depending on your child's knowledge at the time the camp starts, he/she will be promoted one or more belt levels. This is really exciting for the kids and motivates them to go even further in our program.
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