Adult Program – Ages 18 and up

While we all come from different walks of life, most adults face the same pressures. Supporting the family, paying the bills, balancing career and family, maintaining fitness, dealing with injuries, caring for aging parents, and dealing with the stress of everyday life are just a few of the troubles all of us talk about with our friends.

Martial arts training can help with many of these problems. The structured physical training and skills development promotes physical fitness, cardiovascular health, strength, balance, weight control, flexibility, and many other physical benefits.

Mentally, students report increased feelings of relaxation and calmness, better focus and concentration, improved awareness of their surroundings, better confidence, and a greater ability to handle stress. We sincerely believe that martial arts training is probably one of the best anti-depressants ever created!

Women in particular benefit from the training at Family Martial Arts Center. Many female students report feeling empowered to try new things and go places they were afraid to go before. We strongly believe every woman should have advanced self defense training. No woman should be a victim – and no woman should be afraid to go to the store alone at night.

Our program is self-paced and we allow for older students and students with past injuries. Please let us know if you have back trouble, knee pain, joint pain, or other conditions that may limit your ability to train. Our courteous, professional instructors will make sure to structure our program to meet your needs without aggravating your injuries.

The schedule for Adults is shown below. It is best if students train at least two times per week.

Monday 8:00 PM, Tuesday 7:30 PM, and Friday 6:30 PM

The trial offer link on our home page is also available for adult students. Please call us at 610-324-0805 to arrange your first lesson.

Family Martial Arts Center - 137 Wallace Ave., Downingtown, PA 610-324-0805