Instructor George Christopher

George was born in Williamsburg Virginia. He lived there until he graduated from High School in 1987. A year later, George met his wife Julie while studying mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge MA. After graduating, George moved to Pittsburgh PA where he earned a PhD in Alogrithms, Combinatorics, and Optimization from Carnegie Mellon University. While in school, George competed in a range of sports, including: swimming, soccer, and volleyball.

George taught mathematics at the Rochester Institute of Technology for two years before getting married and moving to Chicago to help a college friend get a consulting practice up and running. In 2002, George and Julie welcomed a daughter, Gillian, to the family. After deciding to leave consulting to have more time at home, George moved to Downingtown to work for life insurer ING.

Acting on a recommendation from friends, Gillian enrolled in Taekwondo classes at AFMAC in early 2009 and George followed that summer. George earned his black belt in 2012 and is training for his second degree.

George currently runs his own business specializing in insurance risk and mathematics tutoring. He also serves as a bird care volunteer at Tri-State Bird Rescue in Newark Delaware.

Family Martial Arts Center - 137 Wallace Ave., Downingtown, PA 610-324-0805