Master George Forczek

Master Forczek leads the adult program at Family Martial Arts and has been associated with Master James Saemann and his school since 1992. Originally from Trenton, New Jersey, George has lived in several different states in the Eastern United States until finally settling down in Downingtown. Throughout high school and college, George has been involved in various athletic sports and competitions. While in high school he competed in the Marine Physical Fitness and finished in the top 5 for overall performance. George also wrestled on the high school varsity team and competed in various inter-collegiate competitions. During his college years at Rider College, George was a member and officer of the College Karate Team who competed against other area colleges in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

George received his Bachelor’s Degree from Rider College and went on to receive his MBA in Marketing from St. Joseph’s University. In between his college career, George served his country for 6 years as an armored mechanic in the US Army and National Guard Reserves. In 1980, George relocated to Downingtown as an employee of the LNP Engineering Plastics Company. While at LNP, George held several marketing and management positions in International Business and Product Development. Among his accomplishments were the developments of new high tech polymeric products used in a variety of commercial applications. Other responsibilities included the identification and construction of additional manufacturing facilities in South America and Mexico. In 2005 George became the Business Development Manager for MPT Polymers, which recently was acquired by Solvay Advanced Polymers. With this acquisition, George continued to work at developing new business and commercial products utilizing high tech thermoplastic materials. George plans to retire from his corporate career in Spring of 2014 and continues to teach here at Family Martial Arts Center.

George and his wife, Julia, are the proud parents of three daughters; Karen, Kelly, and Loreen who are all married and live in the Downingtown area. George and Julia are also the proud Grandparents of five wonderful grandchildren. George is especially proud that his young grandson, Brendan, is continuing the family tradition of training in martial arts. Brendan is the first grandchild of any of our students or instructors to train in our school! Both George and Julia are actively involved in community and church volunteer work, assisting at the Downingtown Senior Center and at St. Joseph’s Church.

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