Our Programs

Little Dragons (Ages 3-5)

We are very proud of our special program for our youngest students – Little Dragons! The Head Instructors for Little Dragons is Jen Saemann (2nd Degree Black Belt). Jen provides a firm, yet gentle and caring, environment in which the Little Dragons learn.

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Children’s Program – Ages 5-12

Family Martial Arts Center is known as the best martial arts school in our area for children of all ages. For children ages 5-12, Master Jim Saemann is the primary instructor. Master Jim is assisted by many of the instructors whose biographies appear elsewhere on this web site.

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Teen Program – Ages 12-17

Our teenagers face more pressure today than ever before. As parents, we worry every day about the effects on our teens of violence, drugs, pregnancy, STD’s, music, the internet, and sexual predators. In the face of all those negative influences, we want our teens to get a good education, have strong self esteem, keep physically fit, and emotionally healthy.

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Adult Program – Ages 18 and up

While we all come from different walks of life, most adults face the same pressures. Supporting the family, paying the bills, balancing career and family, maintaining fitness, dealing with injuries, caring for aging parents, and dealing with the stress of everyday life are just a few of the troubles all of us talk about with our friends.

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Accelerated Training Camps

This summer we will hold our thirteenth annual AFMAC “Accelerated Training” Camp. This one-week, three-hour a day camp will help your child review everything they've learned in our program so far, as well as techniques for their next test and above.

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