At Family Martial Arts Center, we provide clear, open disclosure to the public of all costs associated with training. We have no long-term contracts or hidden charges. Unlike some schools who have three-year contracts and hide their true price structure, we publish ours for everyone to see. The information below shows all the mandatory expenses you will incur in our program. Martial arts is an ongoing, year-round activity. To get the most out of your training, you should train at least two or three times a week all year. Students who are interested in continuing their training after their trial program is over should read this information carefully so as to understand the financial considerations and commitments.

  1. Tuition. You have three options for tuition payments: 1-year program with monthly payments, 3-month program with quarterly payments, and month-t0-month. We also have family discounts. The tuition schedule is shown below.

    First Person One Year/Monthly - $139/mo        Quarterly - $447 ($149 per month)        Monthly - $159

    Second Person One Year/Monthly - $129/mo              Quarterly - $417 ($139 per month)                 Monthly - $149

    Third Person One Year/Monthly - $109/mo                Quarterly - $357 ($119 per month)                 Monthly - $129

    Little Dragons - $ 59/month

  2. Test Fees. As you progress through our program, you have to take belt promotion tests in front of a panel of Black Belt judges. We provide your belt, boards, and certificate. The fee for each test is $75 for the Children's program, and $90 for the Teen/Adult program. We also have family discounts for test fees. Your test fee is reduced by $5 per person if you have two people training, and $10 per person if you have three or more people training.
  3. Sparring Equipment. At the rank of Yellow Belt (about 3 or 4 months after you start training) our insurance company requires every student to have a full set of protective sparring gear. This consists of: headgear, chest protector, arm/fist pads, shin/foot pads, and a mouth guard. The cost of a full set is $180.00 including tax and shipping. Pad sets must be purchased through Family Martial Arts Center. We do not allow students to obtain used pads or pads from other vendors which may not meet the proper safety criteria. We suggest parents start putting aside $10 to $15 a week now to help cover the cost of the pads when the time comes to order them.
  4. * Special note about our Little Dragons Program: Little Dragon students usually train once a week. If you want your child to train twice a week tuition is $89 per month. There is no testing in Little Dragons so there are no test fees. Also, since Little Dragons do not engage in free sparring, there is no need to purchase sparring equipment for them.

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