Training Manuals

There are three training manuals you may download in PDF format. MANUAL 1 covers all of the curriculum from Beginner through Black Belt. MANUAL 2 covers the curriculum from 1st Degree through 2nd Degree Black Belt. MANUAL 3 covers the curriculum from 2nd Degree through 3rd Degree Black Belt.

These manuals provide you with belt meanings, Korean and Japanese terminology, forms, self defense, one-steps, and other important information. They are an important supplement to your training.


Child Safety Links

At Family Martial Arts we know that children are our most precious resource and so we provide these links to websites dealing with child safety, security, and mental health. We believe it is the responsibility of every parent to keep an eye out for child predators and to educate their children about the dangers they face from those predators. The links shown on this page will provide you with valuable information to help you safeguard your child at all times.

Martial Arts Information

These links are provided for your convenience. Grandmaster Soon Ho Chang is our Executive Director and is Master Jim Saemann’s instructor. Family Martial Arts Center belongs to the World Tae Kwon Do Federation and USA Tae Kwon Do. We encourage our students to explore these websites and become familiar with them.

Training Schedule

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