Teen Program – Ages 12-17

Our teenagers face more pressure today than ever before. As parents, we worry every day about the effects on our teens of violence, drugs, pregnancy, STD's, music, the internet, and sexual predators. In the face of all those negative influences, we want our teens to get a good education, have strong self esteem, keep physically fit, and emotionally healthy.

Our taekwondo program at Family Martial Arts Center provides teens with a safe, accepting training environment. Every teen is accepted unconditionally and encouraged constantly. Our instructors are outstanding role models for children of all ages, especially teenagers.

Your teenager will train with instructors and other kids who share the same traditional family values our country was founded on. We provide rigorous physical training with a positive, healthy social environment that reminds teens to say no to drugs and alcohol. The special friendships teens develop here can last through college and beyond.

Many of our teenage students have gone on to distinguish themselves in sports, military academies, college, and the business world. They all attribute at least part of their success to the training they received right here at Family Martial Arts Center in Downingtown.

The schedule for Teens is shown below. It is best if students train at least two times per week.

Monday 8:00 PM, Tuesday 7:30 PM, and Friday 6:30 PM

The trial offer link on our home page is also available for teenage students. Please call us at 610-324-0805 to arrange a first lesson for your teenage son or daughter.

Family Martial Arts Center - 137 Wallace Ave., Downingtown, PA 610-324-0805